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Pilates for children and youth from 5-16 years old in sessions focussing on core strength, posture, co-ordination and muscle/body awareness. Core for Kids works with local physiotherapists and schools for children/teens for group classes and 121 sessions.

Schools & Parents

Fun and interactive Core for Kids classes are available for schools in and around St Albans, Hertfordshire. We offer Breakfast, Lunch and After-School clubs, PE sessions, and bespoke activity days and workshops…



With over 20 years experience in the fitness industry and especially Pilates (STOTT and Michael King).  We are running our next instructor training day on 10th September in St Albans as well as Core Based Inset sessions in schools..

At Core For Kids our Pilates for children is fun, exciting and help strengthen muscles, improve balance and posture. We are on a Pilates mission!

Our children’s lifestyles have dramatically changed since we were younger. Unfortunately there is less time and opportunity to spend hours playing outside having wonderful adventures from dawn to dusk! Yes we still love to climb trees, hang off monkey bars and go for long bike rides but in general everyone is more sedentary. There is more sitting, watching TV and playing gadgets which is having a massive effect on posture, core strength and general well being. We want our children to be happy, healthy and strong… join our journey!

“The Year One children have had really positive, fun Pilates based sessions with Core For Kids this term. The children have been very excited about going to the sessions and have really enjoyed the mix of exercises, stories and adventures. The themes tied into our school learning and curriculum have also been very beneficial.”
Ben Pike, Head of PE at Samuel Ryder Academy

“My daughter has been showing us some of her pilates moves at home . She loves it, thank you. It is a fun class, which she enjoys, keeps her interested and she is getting stronger. We need to watch out!”
Parent, Wheathfields School, St Albans

“My son is hyper-mobile and weak around his pelvis area. He has really been enjoying the Core For Kids classes with friends and they are helping him build his strength in a fun and structured way…”
Parent, Wheathfields School, St Albans

“I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous Pilates class you do at my son’s school. He is not very coordinated and really needs help to strengthen his core. Often he is intimidated in sports programs where he is aware of his shortfalls. You have made Pilates fun for him! He absolutely loves going to Pilates where he can be animals or be in a circus or join the Olympics. Thank you for giving him confidence while encouraging him and making everything so much fun!”
Parent (Year 3), at a St Albans School

“My daughter has participated in 3 courses of Core for Kids and loves it. She enjoys the fun themes that Claire chooses each week and the exercises have helped her with her balance and control of movement.”
Parent (Year 4), at a St Albans School

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